Barbour County Development Authority

Working to Promote Business Prosperity and Employment Opportunities in WV

Established on April 6, 1981, the Barbour County Development Authority (BCDA) has been working to develop, promote, and advance the business prosperity and economic welfare of citizens and industry throughout Barbour County, West Virginia. We strive to assist new and existing businesses by providing loans, information, and investment tools, as well as encouraging transactions that promote growth. We also work to promote economic expansion to stimulate the development and stability of the region by increasing opportunities for employment for area residents to raise our standard of living.

Financial Assistance for Commercial & Recreational Development

The BCDA works with other local, state, and federal organizations to promote the advancement of the commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational development within Barbour County. We work to make aid available in the form of:

  • Financial and credit assistance
  • Land & industrial development sites
  • Technical assistance

The Mission of the Barbour County Development Authority

Applicants are invited to seek approval for assistance with business and industrial development projects that are likely to promote the ongoing success of industry within Barbour County. The mission of the Barbour County Development Authority is to improve economic and community development within Barbour County, WV. We are committed to continuing to concentrate on assisting local businesses with creating and retaining jobs. This is our primary goal. Despite the challenges that we face, we strongly believe that the opportunities that we provide will lead to a stronger economy, and better future for our communities.

  • Promote community and economic development
  • Attract new businesses and retain existing businesses
  • Promote entrepreneurial development
  • Support the employability of local residents
  • Improve the ethic of our workforce

The Vision of the Barbour County Development Authority

The Barbour County Development Authority (BCDA) envisions a future of shared economic prosperity, coupled with a lifestyle that makes Barbour County a desired residence and welcoming destination for visitors. Our goal is to see Barbour County become home to a strong, diversified workforce, including everything from natural resource industries to technology startups. We are dedicated to collaborate with local residents and businesses to constantly improve local industry to achieve a thriving business environment, as well as active communities. By providing strong educational opportunities to a proven workforce, Barbour County will be ready to act on opportunities to meet challenges now and into the future.