The City of Belington, West Virginia Welcomes You

Belington, WV lies along the Tygart River, offers a wealth of outdoor experiences, and a rich cultural and civil war history. The proud heritage of Belington continues today. Belington (originally known as Barker’s Settlement) was settled between 1766-1770 by Elias Barker on a land grant of 1,400 acres. By 1855, a store was established by the Jewish merchant, John Bealin, on Beverly-Fairmont Road. In the late 1880s, Barker’s Settlement was re-named as Belington, WV (incorporating the land east of the Tygart River in 1894). In 1897, the land on the west side of the Tygart River was incorporated as Alston, WV. By 1906, Belington and Alston had combined to form present-day Belington, WV. We welcome you to learn more about our heritage and the opportunities that we offer.

Outdoor Life in Belington, WV: Hiking, Fishing, Camping, and Swimming

Belington’s location on the banks of the beautiful Tygart River offers residents and visitors the ideal combination of experiencing the serenity of our town’s rural beauty, along with the laid-back conveniences of friendly, small town life. Many recreational opportunities exist in and around Belington, including swimming, kayaking, camping, fishing, and hunting. We have recently developed a wonderful new walking trail, as well. Be sure to experience our nearby attractions:

Audra State Park: Hiking, Picnics, Camping, Playground, and Cabin Rentals. Call: (304) 457-1162

Twin Lakes Campground: 34 Killdeer Lane, Belington, WV 26250. Call: (304) 823-2021

Cultural Festivals and Civic Events in Belington

Belington government, businesses, and individuals host a wide variety of fun activities, cultural, religious, and civic events throughout the year that attract people from far and wide. Young women from the area are invited to compete for the title of Miss Belington during the Miss Belington Pageant held in the fall. Belington First Church of the Nazarene hosts the Hallelujah Harvest in October. Many celebrations and festivals are held each year, including our annual BBQ Cookoff Contest, public block parties, vacation Bible school for youth, garden parties, community yard sales, Polar Express Excursions (train ride with Santa Claus), car shows, and much more. We are proud of the re-enactors that bring history alive at Belington Public Library. Our community members have also worked hard to ensure that our history is being preserved by re-using the Golden Rule building, which has many interesting features.

The Civil War History of Belington, WV: Laurel Hill Battlefield

Belington, WV, was the site of one of the longest and most decisive battles of the civil war’s Tygart Valley Campaign. At Laurel Hill Battlefield during July 7-11 in 1861, Generals George B. McClellan (USA) and Robert S. Garnett (CSA) engaged their troops in a battle that ultimately resulted in the first Civil War casualty involving a general, when Garnett lost the battle (and his life) at Corrick’s Ford. The Battle of Laurel Hill enabled our founding fathers to secure safe passage to Wheeling to prepare the documents that would ultimately establish the statehood of West “by God” Virginia. The battle is re-enacted each year.