Barbour County Commission
County Building Permits

County Building Permits

The Barbour County Development Permit is required per the County’s Floodplain Ordinance BC-18-1 to ensure proper precautions are taken to reduce or eliminate injury and/or death and damage to property due to flooding. This is accomplished by a permitting process which is used to determine the floodplain status of any development in the county. If a development is determined not to be in, or near, the Special Flood Hazard Area, the development can continue per other ordinances and regulations. If the development is within, or near, the Special Flood Hazard Area, additional requirements of the county’s Floodplain Ordinance will apply, in addition to any other ordinances and regulations. These additional requirements are what will prevent injury and property damage in the event of flooding, saving lives and your property.

Development within a county municipality (Junior, Philippi, Belington), requires permitting through that municipality, per their ordinances. Development outside a municipality will require a Development Permit from the County Floodplain Coordinator and must have a Development Permit issued before proceeding with that development. Development Permits are issued by the Emergency Management/Floodplain Administration office located at: 111 Overlook Drive. Philippi, WV 26416. Applications should be mailed to this address, once completed.

Examples of development include by not limited to: New construction of any kind, manufactured homes, mobile homes, placement or relocation of structures, substantial improvements to structures, Garage (attached and not attached), outbuilding, carports, decks, driveways, etc.

You may download, view and print, the County Floodplain Ordinance, Development Permit Application and other related materials below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open, view and print these files.

Development Application fees (due with application):

Application Fee
Residential $75
Commercial $300
Additional Fees (based on project cost)
Due ONLY if determined to be in the Floodplain
Project cost from $0 to $30,000 $25.00
Project cost from $30,001 and above $2.00 (per $1,000)
Project cost from $0 to $50,000 $100.00
Project cost from $50,001 and above $5.00 (per $1,000)

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