Barbour County Commission
Boards and Authorities

Boards and Authorities are designed to give citizens a voice in their government and provide a means of influencing decisions that shape the quality of life for residents. Participation on a Board or Authority is one of the most effective steps citizens can take in having an active voice in their government.

We are always seeking residents interested in serving on county boards and authorities. Some are actively seeking new members now, or in other cases you could be placed on a reserve list for future vacancies. Please use the submission form below to submit your information.

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Public Service Districts

Central Barbour

Member Position Phone Term Expires - 6 YR Term
Garrel (Gary) BurnerChairman304-669-31016/30/26
Roberta KeenerSecretary304-457-20205/31/24
James R. PolingTreasure304-823-37929/30/22


Member Position Phone Term Expires
Vernon WoodsChairman304-457-556412/31/26
Ronald B. HolbertSecretary304-842-282912/31/22
Sam WrightTreasure304-457-364412/31/24

Chestnut Ridge

Member Position Phone Term Expires
William (Bucky) PolingChairman304-457-22061/2/26
Raymond EddyVice-Chairman304-457-53741/2/24
Traci HoffmanTreasure304-591-24781/2/22

Barbour County Park & Recreation Advisory Board

Member Position Term Expires - 3 Yr Term
Dee Dee Schrader4H
Betty DaughertyCEOS
Linda MoatsCEOS
Jody Carpenter4H
Peggy Poling
Dwayne Nestor
Bill Renzelli
Cheri Sturm
Corey Brandon
Crystal Gray
Susan Anglin
Jedd ScholaCounty CommissionerNon-voting
April SinselFairgrounds Events CoordinatorNon-voting

Barbour County Health Department

Member Term Expires - 3 Yr Term
Jean Clark, Chair( D )South12/31/22
Geneva Mayle( I )West12/31/22
Susie Cvechko( R )West12/31/22
Barbara Lyle( D )South12/31/
Carolyn Waddell( I )West12/31/
ยง 16.2.7. Appointment to and composition of county boards of health; qualifications; number of appointees. A county board of health is composed of five members selected and appointed by vote of the county commission. Each member appointed to the county board of health shall bea resident of the county. No more than two members who reside in the same magisterial district may be appointed and no more than two members may be appointed who are personally licensed or certified in, engaged in, or actively participating in the same business, profession, or occupation. No more than three members of a county board of health may belong to the same political party.

Barbour County Development Authority

Member Position Term Expires - 3 Yr Term
Mike IsnerSecretary12/31/24
Greg Nestor12/31/22
Shana Frey12/31/21
Susie Cvechko12/31/22
Dr. Tim Barry12/31/23
Jeff PowelsonVice President12/31/22
Valerie HurstTreasurer12/31/22
Tom Nesselroade12/31/21
Mike CvechkoPresident12/31/23
Jeremy Drennen12/31/23
Chris Phillips12/31/21
Barbara Lyle12/31/21

Barbour County Solid Waste Authority

Member Position Phone Term Expires - 4 Yr Term
Leonard "Beaver" StewartPSC
Stephen Collins DEP6/30/25
Herbert BenderCounty Commission6/30/24
James SmithCounty Commission6/30/24
Carolyn DelauderTreasure/Secretary

Barbour County Civil Service Board

Member Term Expires - 4 Yr Term
Tim Schoonover
Mike Talbott
Bucky Gainer

Barbour County / Philippi Airport Authority

County Appointments

Member Term Expires - 3 Yr Term
Reg Trefethen
Dr. Tim Barry
David Strait
Shana Frey

City of Philippi Appointments

Member Position Term Expires - 3 Yr Term
Reg Trefethen
Dr. Tim Barry
David Strait
Shana Frey

Region VII Planning and Development Council

Private Sector Members

Member Term Expires
Mike Cvechko
Dr. Tim Barry
Shana Frey

Board Member

President of the Barbour County Commission or Designee

Barbour County Building Commission


Barbour County Extension Service Committee

Member Membership
Jeff HartFarm Bureau
Jamie CarpenterCounty Commission
Joanna McConnellBoard of Education
Jan Coffman4-H Leaders
Linda MoatsCEOS
Brenda HuntBoard of Governors 1
Eddie PolingBoard of Governors 2
Larry FoyBoard of Governors 3
Jim PolingAlternate Board of Governors 1
Creed WardAlternate Board of Governors 2
Three additional members are selected by the Board of Advisories