Barbour County, WV Office of Emergency Management and Enhanced 911 Services

“In Case of an Emergency, Contact 911 for Emergency Services”

The Barbour County Emergency Management Operations and Communications Center serves residents throughout all of Barbour County, West Virginia, by providing assistance during weather-related, man-made, and other emergency crisis situations as declared by the governor. We continuously develop and update emergency management plans to best coordinate and direct resources provided by county, state, and federal agencies.

Emergency Communications and Operations Center in Barbour County, WV

Our goal is to assist the residents of Barbour County, WV to properly prepare for, respond to, and recover from a variety of types of disasters. We also work to mitigate the severity of emergency situations to best minimize the impact on our residents. During an emergency scenario, our staff members work to help ensure that lines of communication remain intact between citizens, local media, community agencies, government entities, and local businesses via our integrated countywide emergency communications system. Our Emergency Operations Center is available to assist with a variety of types of critical needs during and immediately following disasters that may strike our area.

Contact the Barbour County, WV 911 Center and Non-Emergency Hotline

The Barbour County 911 Center is open 24/7 to serve the emergency needs of our residents. We strive to answer all calls that come in to our center with efficiency and in an effective manner. Our staff are trained to properly respond to both emergency and non-emergency calls to best meet the needs of callers, emergency responders, and our community. Please note that callers with non-emergency concerns should call our non-emergency hotline at: (304) 457-5167. The FAX number at the 911 Center is: (304) 457-1831.

Call 911 for Emergencies in Barbour County, WV

All callers with medical, fire, and legal emergencies (or related/potential emergencies) should dial 9-1-1 immediately. Dispatchers are available to take your call and provide prompt dispatch to address your issue. To learn more about the Barbour County Office of Emergency Management. like us on Facebook.

911 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

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