Barbour County Commission
County Agencies

Barbour County, WV Agencies

Barbour County Office of Emergency Management/911 Center

The Barbour County Emergency Management Operations and 911 Communications Center provides assistance to local residents during emergency situations. We work to develop emergency management plans to assist Barbour County residents to stay safe during crisis situations. We also provide educational services to assist with preparing an emergency kit for your household, conserving gas during shortages, and many other valuable tips to help keep you as safe as possible. Our center is fully equipped to assist residents during disasters.

Barbour County Animal Control

Barbour County Animal Control strives to protect the interests of animals living in our area. We enforce the humane laws that protect all animals from cruel treatment and neglect, as well as handling registration requirements for dog licensing. We operate a shelter, as well as a dog kennel. Our agency works to reunite pets with their owners, and locate new homes for stray pets.

Barbour County WVU Cooperative Extension Office

Barbour County’s WVU Cooperative Extension Office offers a wide variety of educational programs and resources for youth and adults. We strive to assist individuals, families, businesses, and local governments to meet their needs efficiently in order to maximize productivity and potential in areas including agriculture, conservation, gardening, natural resource management, and livestock marketing. In addition, our 4-H and Youth Development programs, community education, and workforce development assistance programs are designed to improve the strength of our local communities. Families benefit from our health-based educational programs, as well.

Barbour County Health Department

The Barbour County Health Department is dedicated to improving overall public health throughout our region. We monitor a wide variety of biological and environmental issues to help ensure that the health and safety of Barbour County residents is secure. In addition, we uphold the laws that have been implemented to maintain public health.

Barbour County Development Authority

For over 30 years, the Barbour County Development Authority has been a strong, acting advocate for the advancement of economic opportunities in Barbour County. We work to promote wise business expansion, employment, and the stability of our region by providing the concrete assistance, information, and tools necessary to stimulate development.

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism