Barbour County Health Department

Promoting Public Health in Barbour County, WV

The Barbour County Health Department is committed to promoting the overall health and well-being of citizens throughout Barbour County, West Virginia. Our highly trained and experienced staff members provide public and home health services, health-based education and community awareness, and uphold all of the laws and regulations designed to maintain and improve public health. We are also dedicated to helping ensure the health and safety of our residents in the face of a wide variety of environmental concerns.

Our health services include:

  • Family Planning & Cancer Control
  • HIV & STD Prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • TB Control
  • Counseling & Case Management
  • Psychiatric & Psychological Evaluations
  • Medication Management
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Wound Care
  • Prenatal & Infant Care
  • IV & Medication Administration

Threat Preparedness and Disaster Planning in Barbour County

The Barbour County Health Department takes threat preparedness and disaster planning seriously. We maintain a registry of volunteers with proper medical training to help ensure the ability to properly provide health care on the massive scale that may be necessary in case of a critical disaster situation in Barbour County, WV. Our staff members conduct disease surveillance to track disease progression and any possible pandemics.

Our goal is to provide county-wide prophylactic measures (including immunization) to help provide our residents with the best possible defense against a wide range of viral diseases. We are also prepared to implement effective actions to protect our community against chemical, biological, terrorist, or other attacks. We urge you to prepare for the worst at your home or business to help prevent mass casualties in the event of a disaster situation.

Environmental Services and Food Service Permits in Barbour County, WV

Contact our office to apply for your food service worker permit card. These permits are available for $10 for use within Barbour County and are valid for two years. State-wide permits are available for $20. The permits are required for all food service workers, vendors, establishments, farmers markers serving prepared foods, and any operator of a food production or serving operation, including campgrounds, festivals, farms, schools, and accommodation providers.

The Barbour County Health Department inspects and issues permits for tattoo and body piercing studios, residential care facilities, wells, septic systems, pools, and other businesses or operations that may affect public health if not operated properly. We also investigate complaints and investigate animal encounters.