WVU’s Barbour County Cooperative Extension Office

Education and Resources to Put Knowledge to Work

The Barbour County Cooperative Extension Office’s mission is “To Help People Put Knowledge to Work.” Our local West Virginia University Extension Office provides a wealth of information, including educational programs and resources, to the public by offering locally-based materials tailored to meet the following needs of families, businesses, and other community members:

  • Aid & Resources for Farmers, Homeowners, and Gardeners
  • Agricultural and Natural Resource Management
  • 4-H and Youth Development
  • Community Education
  • Workforce Development
  • Families & Health

Programs to Maximize Business Efficiency and Effectiveness

West Virginia University is a land-grant college. In addition to providing educational services and conducting research, WVU also participates in community cooperative extension services. We reach out to provide our local communities with access to information that meets the needs of local residents. Our staff members work with you to develop and implement programs and activities of value to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency with which you are able to meet your specific agricultural, health, and related goals. Barbour County Cooperative Extension Office serves private individuals, as well as local businesses and municipalities within our service area.

Soil Testing, Plant Disease & Pest Identification and Control

Some of the services that we offer include providing: farming techniques for commercial growers, gardening information and tips for hobbyists, answers to your agricultural, pruning, and gardening questions, assistance with plant disease, weed, and pest identification and control, soil sampling and testing, conservation programs, healthy recipes, family nutrition programs, and much more.

Barbour County, WV 4-H Program Camps Empower Youth

Barbour County Cooperative Extension operates the Barbour County 4-H Livestock Program to help youth excel at marketing livestock such as steer and hogs. Our 4-H Programs help youth develop leadership skills. Our summer camps and activities are designed to provide practical skills in a fun manner. From backcountry cooking to fishing, building a fire, learning to shoot, and much more, our campers learn to appreciate the outdoors and gain valuable life skills. We also offer a business and economics camp, creative arts academy, federal government and world affairs course (Citizenship Washington Focus), conservation camp, STEM camp, and many other unique opportunities to empower the youth of West Virginia to reach their optimal potential.