$75.00 off Spay / Neuter Services

Barbour County Animal Control will have Spay/Neuter vouchers available. With this voucher, you will receive $75.00 off the price of getting your pet spayed or neutered only. This is made possible by the hard work of Barbour County Animal Control, Barbour County Commission and WVDA/WVSNP.

Directions to receive a voucher is as follows, please read carefully.

Call Philippi Audubon, 304-457-3512, schedule your animal’s spay/ neuter appointment.
Text to 304-841-3132:
Animal Owners Name?
Phone number?
Animals name?
Cat/dog? (If Dog, send current County Tax ID number)
Animals age? (6 months or older, send Rabies tag number and expiration date)
Residing county?
Appointment date?

The voucher will be fill out and dropped off at Audubon prior to your scheduled appointment.
First come, first served.
If you cancel the appointment for any reason, the voucher will be returned and you will have to contact me again. Please follow the directions given. Thank you.